Prescription Guidance (Admin)

Prescription Guidance (Admin)

Wiltshire Diltiazem Dosing Regimes

Alphabetical list of controlled drugs

Wiltshire Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes

Brand to generic and generic to brand

Wiltshire Hay Fever - Patient Information Leaflet

Wiltshire Integrated Continence Products Formulary

Wiltshire Guidelines for prescribing Stoma Appliances

How to record specialist prescribed drugs on each GP clinical system

Inhalers - dose, frequency and quantity guide (July 2016)

Insulin: quantities, doses and frequency of supply

Letter to Dispensing Appliance Contractors from NHS Wiltshire CCG Oct 2013

Medicines that can be purchased from a Pharmacy

Prescribing and Supply of Appliances

Quantities on prescription by dose

Special Containers

Wiltshire Medicine considerations in bariatric surgery (Specialist Pharmacy Service SPS)

Wiltshire Bariatric surgery and medicines (PrescQipp Bulletin)

Which drugs should not be ordered early

Repeat Prescription Workshop – Additional Guidance & Information

Presentation - Repeat Prescription Workshop (June/July 2016)

Cancelling EPS Prescriptions

EPS Prescription Tracker

Prescription Request Flowchart

Repeat Prescribing Workshop - Scenario Discussions

Repeat Prescribing Workshop - Suggested Action Points