Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

PGDs produced by Public Health England and NHS England are approved for use within Wiltshire Practices and/or Pharmacies up until their published expiry date. Practitioners and their managers should ensure that they are working to the current PGD and have signed the relevant practitioner competence declaration for each PGD they work to.

All staff are responsible for ensuring that they work to the most up-to-date and relevant policies and procedures. This will make sure that quality of services is maintained.

For PGDs for immunisations in primary care, please go to

Other resources for the 2019/20 flu season can be found at:

NHS England – South (South Central) has launched a series of local Patient Group Directions webpages:-

These webpages provide a central platform where:

  • NHS England – South (South Central) current PGDs can be accessed and downloaded
  • responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be published
  • links to useful resources, such as the Routine Immunisation Schedule, are available

Any queries relating to the availability of PGDs for Immunisations should be directed to the NHS England Screening and Immunisations Team (0113 8251532) or 

Community Pharmacy Minor Ailment PGDs

Comm Pharm Chloramphenicol PGD BSW v1.3
Comm Pharm Clarithromycin impetigo PGD BSW v1
Comm Pharm Clarithromycin Sore throat PGD BSW v1.2
Comm Pharm Fluclox impetigo PGD BSW v1
Comm Pharm Fucidin impetigo PGD BSW v1
Comm Pharm Hydrocortisone PGD BSW v1
Comm Pharm Nitrofurantoin UTI PGD BSW v1.2
Comm Pharm Penicillin V Sore throat PGD BSW v1.2
Comm Pharm Trimethoprim UTI PGD BSW v1.3
Community Pharmacy UTI PGD flowchart BSW v1.1

For Emergency Contraception PGD for use in Community Pharmacy and Primary Care

Contraception - Morning After Pill (Levonorgestrel) PGD expiry 31/3/2022

Any queries relating to PGDs for Contraception and Sexual Health should be directed to Wiltshire Council Public Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health Team (0300 003 4565)

Other Useful Documents 

PGD Authorisation in New Organisational Structures

Administration of injectable medicines for the purpose of saving life in an emergency