Formulary Links

3Ts (Swindon)

Additional Link to 3Ts Formulary (patient facing website)

ICID (new Micro guide version for Salisbury)

Wound Dressings Formulary and Guidance 2019/20

Wiltshire Integrated Continence Products Formulary

Antibiotic Information/Guidance

Wiltshire Swindon & BaNES Primary Care Antibiotic Guidance Jan 2019 NICE update

Wiltshire Antibiotic Final ADULT summary March 2019 NICE update

Wiltshire Summary of Primary Care infection Guidance for Children Jan 2019 update

Antimicrobial prescribing guidance for dentists (Scottish Dental CEP)

Antimicrobial prescribing guidance for dentists - NICE summary

Other Reference Information

How to record specialist prescribed drugs on each GP clinical system

Traffic light status definitions

Wiltshire formularies traffic light summary - February 2019 version (please destroy old versions)

UKMI Drug Monitoring (use local shared care if available)

Interpreting Clinical Trials - an Aide Memoir

Netformulary V3 App for IOS & Android Smart phones & tablets

BSW Formulary Quick Reference Guide